1) (to admit as being fact: He acknowledged defeat; He acknowledged that I was right.) reconocer, admitir
2) (to say (usually in writing) that one has received (something): He acknowledged the letter.) acusar recibo (de)
3) (to give thanks for: He acknowledged their help.) agradecer, expresar agradecimiento (por)
4) (to greet someone: He acknowledged her by waving.) saludar
- acknowledgment
acknowledge vb
1. admitir
he acknowledged his mistake admitió su error
2. reconocer
he is an acknowledged expert es un experto reconocido
El gerundio de acknowledge se escribe acknowledging
transitive verb
1 (admit) admitir
to acknowledge defeat admitir la derrota
2 (recognize) reconocer
King Henry acknowledged Prince Arthur as his heir el rey Henry reconoció al príncipe Arthur como su heredero
she's acknowledged to be the greatest living pianist se le considera la mejor pianista contemporánea
3 (an acquaintance) saludar
he walked straight past without even acknowledging me pasó a mi lado y ni siquiera me saludó
4 (be thankful) agradecer, expresar agradecimiento por
to acknowledge receipt of acusar recibo de
acknowledge [ɪk'nɑlɪʤ, æk-] vt, -edged ; -edging
1) admit: reconocer, admitir
2) recognize: reconocer
to acknowledge receipt of : acusar recibo de
aceptar v.
acusar (Carta, etc.) v.
admitir v.
asentir v.
certificar v.
confesar v.
confirmar v.
reconocer v.
(§pres: reconozco, reconoces...)
testificar v.
ək'nɑːlɪdʒ, ək'nɒlɪdʒ
transitive verb
a) (admit) \<\<mistake/failure\>\> admitir, reconocer*
b) (recognize) \<\<achievement/authority/right\>\> reconocer*; \<\<quotations/sources\>\> hacer* mención de

to acknowledge somebody as something — reconocer* a alguien como algo

c) (express appreciation of) agradecer*
2) \<\<letter/order\>\> acusar recibo de; \<\<greeting\>\> responder a; \<\<person\>\> saludar
1) (=admit) reconocer; [+ claim, truth] admitir; [+ crime] confesarse culpable de

I acknowledge that ... — reconozco que ...

to acknowledge defeat — darse por vencido

to acknowledge that sb is superior, acknowledge sb as superior — reconocer que algn es mejor

to acknowledge sb as leader — reconocer a algn como jefe

I acknowledge myself the loser — reconozco que he perdido

she acknowledged herself in the wrong — reconoció que estaba equivocada

2) (=thank for) [+ favour, gift] agradecer, dar las gracias por
3) (also: acknowledge receipt of) [+ letter] acusar recibo de
4) (=greet) [+ person] saludar; (=reply to) [+ greeting] contestar a
* * *
[ək'nɑːlɪdʒ, ək'nɒlɪdʒ]
transitive verb
a) (admit) \<\<mistake/failure\>\> admitir, reconocer*
b) (recognize) \<\<achievement/authority/right\>\> reconocer*; \<\<quotations/sources\>\> hacer* mención de

to acknowledge somebody as something — reconocer* a alguien como algo

c) (express appreciation of) agradecer*
2) \<\<letter/order\>\> acusar recibo de; \<\<greeting\>\> responder a; \<\<person\>\> saludar

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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